Vojtech Didi

Curriculum vitae

Surname: DIDI
Name: Vojtech
Degree: doc. PaedDr. Mgr. art. m. prof
Date of birth: 04.12.1940
Place of birth: Trencin, Slovakia

doc. PaedDr. Mgr. art. Vojtech Didi, m. prof. - slovak composer

After finalization of studies on conservatory in Brno (composition and conduct) he has continued in studies of music on Janácek´s academy of musical arts during the years 1980 - 1985, the discipline composition and he has obtained degree Mgr. art. (Magister of art). In the year 1987 he took the place of director of the State opera in Banská Bystrica. In the year 1988 he obtained degree PaedDr. (Doctor of pedagogy) in discipline teacher of general-educational subjects, the theory of teaching of music lessons. In the year 1997 he obtained degree doc. (Docent) in specialization conduct and composition. In the years 1997 - 2000 he worked in the role of the dean of the Faculty of musical art in Academy of art in Banská Bystrica. From the year 2000 is rector of Academy of art in Banská Bystrica. In the year 2003 he obtained degree m. prof. (extraordinaire professor).

He composed 70 opuses. From his compositions and conduct performances were recorded 18 CD´s , 9 DVD´s and 1 USB key. The Moravian philharmonic Olomouc, the Janácek´s philharmonic Ostrava, the State philharmonic Brno, the Symphony orchestra of J. Cikker Banská Bystrica, the State chamber orchestra ®ilina interpreted opuses of V. Didi. His compositions were introduced by prestiges orchestras and bands. The conduct perfomance and opuses are known and there were introduced in many states: Czech republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Bulgary, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy. On the demand he composed compulsory opus ,,Canzonetta´´ for the International competition of cymbalo ,,Eurotalent 2000´´ in Banská Bystrica and opus for accordion ,,Concertino´´ for the International accordion competition in Poprad in the year 2003. The composition Inspirazione was introduced at the Galaprogtam of ISCM World Music Days in Ljubljana in Slovenia as the composition for the 3rd millennium. The editor of Swiss Hübners blawes Who is who: WHO IS WHO in the Slovac Republic (encyclopedia of the most important people in the Slovak Republic) introduced him as one of the most important people in the Slovak Republic of the year 2003. He is leader of the prosperous mixed chorus Canzona Neosolium supported by Academy of Art in Banská Bystrica since 2003.
He composed in the year 2005 the opus "Hommage and Banská Bystrica" for big symphonic orchestra to the tribute of 750-th anniversary of establishment of the town.
Since 2008 he works as a dean at FMU AU in Banská Bystrica. For an international accordion competition, which takes part in Poprad 2009, he composed reguired composition for the accordion called "e;Soirée"e; in 2008. In year 2010 he finished musical-dramatic piece of music, made on motive of homonymous Rudolf Jasik ´s novel "On the bank of limpid river", the native from Kysuce (Turzovka). Libretto wrote PhDr. Mária Glocková, PhD. The technique of his composition work goes out from the trends of music of 20. and 21. century, but he respect the acoustical possibilities of interpretation. In the year 2011 he was reappointed to a dean for next term of office.In the same year an art-pedagogical title of professor in composition specialization was awarded to him.

In particular positive response from the audience, performers and art critics have encountered extensive compositions of the 21st century compositions “Birth” for soprano and orchestra (2013) and Canzone eterna for soprano, reciter, mixed choir and orchestra (2014). At the festival Epoché - New Slovak Music 2016 was the premiere of the composition Concertino for four cellos. In 2016 he composed the composition „Five tears“ - a cycle of songs for alto and viola at the ancient Roma folk poetry. In the same year he was elected Rector of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. Didi´s works are deep and honest emotional testimony. Attract compositional mastery, originality of artistic ideas and their interpretation and peculiar colour combinations of instruments and human voices, suggestive musical language and communication power.


- 18 CD´s from the opuses of author
- 2 CD: G. Rossini: Stabat mater (the conduct opus) F. H. Brixi: Missa Pastoralis ( the condust opus )

- 9 DVD
- 8 MG´s
- 1 USB key
- the records in Slovak radio and television


- Pocúvaj, pocúvaj - the Price for the best interpretation of slovak present author (V. Didi) - International festival of V.F. Bystrý in Banská Bystrica, 1994

- Sonet pre ráno - the Price of Music fund, Banská Bystrica, 1995

- Mojim detom - the Individual premium in composer competition in The Year of Slovak music (category: chamber - orchestra opus, Bratislava, 1996)

- the Main price for the best conduct performance - the Slovak competition of chamber orchestras (with band Canzona Neosolium), 1996

Turn white, turn white
songs from Kysyce for soprano, tenor, bass, mixed choir and orchestra
(composition was awarded a price at SHF in 2005)
In the apple tree garden, where I go for its beauty 
Composizioni per salterio é d archi 
(composition was awarded a price at SHF in 2005)
Hommage  á  Banská Bystrica
Ceremonial composition for large orchestra
composition was awarded a price at SHF in 2005)
Love makes people rich
A cycle of songs for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano, based on verse by M. Haµamová
composition was awarded a price at SHF in 2005) 



2001 - titular citizen of the town Čadca

2002 - Pamätná plaketa za rozvoj Banskobystrického kraja
2005 - the burgomaster´s price of the town Turzovka
2005 - famous person of Kysuce
2005 - the burgomaster´s price of the town Banská Bystrica